Hands-on, detailed physical therapy located in Alexandria, Virginia

Luminance Healing Arts LLC is a manual therapy based physical therapy clinic dedicated to healing orthopedic injuries with holistic, individualized treatment plans.  Are you a health conscious dancer, athlete, or woman?  Are you frustrated by pain, weakness, or an inability to work out or perform like you normally do?  If so, you are in the right place.  By using manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular, and taping techniques, I can help you return to your desired pre-injury activities with less pain, more strength, and the knowledge to prevent future injuries.  Don't know if my services are right for you?  Feel free to contact me at any time and I can answer questions you may have.  

Your wellness is my passion! 

“I give people nicknames in my phone according to the way I first encounter them. After my first meeting with Mara, I entered her name into my phone as, “Mara is my Shaman Berman.” If the name doesn’t say enough about Mara’s talent and how much she helped me rehabilitate my left ankle, allow me to elaborate. Eight years ago I injured my ankle and went through several months of physical therapy and rehabilitation. I re-injured the same ankle again in the fall of 2014. I went to Mara without expectation or much hope of ever regaining my former capabilities. Mara’s approach was different than any therapist I’d previously worked with. She listened intently to my tale of woe and worked from the outside in, looking at the whole body. As we worked, Mara truly took the time to listen both to my narrative and to my body. I have and would continue to recommend Mara to anyone in need of physical therapy. She is magic.”
— Valerie Issembert, Director of Performing Arts, Alexandria Country Day School
“Mara is a SAINT! She started working with me after I had surgery on my toe. The first day I couldn’t even stand on my own foot, let alone think I could tap again. She saw me at my most vulnerable moment and was there for me every step of the way (literally). I owe a lot of my speedy recovery to Mara. She not only helped me physically, but helped me get over the mental struggle of an injury! I trust Mara, and I would recommend her to anyone! But be prepared to work, she wants you better, and it takes two!”
— Daxton Bloomquist, Broadway Performer
“Mara is a genius and is the best physical therapist I have ever been to. I used to have chronic hip and jaw issues until Mara worked her magic on me and now I am pain free, strong and don’t think about my old injuries. I 100% recommend Mara, she will make you feel like a new person.”
— Erin Holt, Physical and Emotional Coach
“Mara saved me when I was performing in the most difficult Broadway show of my career. I was consistently banging myself up, and her expertise and attention to detail always kept me in the game and quickly got me back to 100%. Her amazing personality always made PT sessions a joy. I was in that show for two years and never missed a performance due to injury. That was entirely thanks to her.”
— Cody Williams, Broadway Performer
“Mara has the winning combination of intelligence, expert clinical experience, and compassionate care taking. Mara is a dancer and I was thrilled to connect with a clinician who was able to empathize with the demands placed on my body as a dancer and athlete. Anyone who relies on their body for their career would greatly benefit from Mara’s Physical Therapy. Although my experience was working with Mara on a sports related injury, her training and compassion allows her to treat patients of all walks of life.”
— Brandon Davidson, Broadway Performer